Bit.Country Pioneer Crowdloan to participate or not?

Hello everyone, today I want to discuss the crowdlan of a very promising project in my opinion “ Bit.Counnrty” Now I will tell you the basic information and my personal observations.

Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network is a platform & blockchain ecosystem for user-created metaverses, games, and dApps.Community owners, influencers, KOLs, and individuals can launch their own metaverses for their members, fans, followers, families, and friends.All you need to launch a metaverse is at least one land block plus $NEER token to pay a small gas fee.

If you look closely, the metauniverses this is a trend all big companies enter the race just look at “Facebook”

$NEER Token Utility

$NEER is the wild cousin to $NUUM. Just like $KSM to $DOT.

$NEER, the native utility token on the Bit.Country Pioneer Network, is used for paying transaction fees and future participation in the governance of the multi-metaverse civilization.

$NEER is also used for major transactions inside Bit.Country Pioneer Network.

The total Supply of $NEER is 100 million or 100,000,000, and it is a deflationary utility token.

I really liked the tokenomics of the project. I see a balance here from team distribution to crowdloan. I can single out a small number of private investors, which I think will be very good for the project.

Journey & Roadmap

The team has a well-developed roadmap and I like the fact that everything is done at the right time for the project.

Some of Our Long Term Backers

So how do you get into Crowdlan?

Crowdloan Reward

As part of the crowdloan, we present an opportunity for those willing to back us by locking their KSM for 48 weeks to help us to secure a parachain slot on Kusama. The decentralized code on Kusama will return the KSM to you automatically after the loan expires

Base Reward

For each KSM you lock away for 48 weeks, you will receive at least 68 $NEER tokens on the Bit.Country Pioneer Network.

*We will use the base reward as the basis for each bonus calculation described below. (In case of any doubt, they don’t compound.)

Bonus Reward 1 — Early Bird

The first 1000 participants will receive an extra 10% bonus.

Bonus Reward 2 — Referral

If you refer someone and that person uses your referral code, both parties will receive an extra 5% bonus split (2.5% each) based on referred’s contribution.

For example, if you referred someone who received 100 $NEER from their base reward, we will award an extra 2.5 $NEER to you and the referred.

You will receive a referral code after making a contribution on this page.

Bonus Reward 3 — Land for Your Own Metaverse

Participation or not participation is everyone’s business, but it seems to me that such a project should not be overlooked. There will certainly not be such opportunities.